2nd Amendment Fail: Biden Finalizes Historic Anti-Gun Regulations

In addition to the numerous civil rights violations brought upon the American public by the Biden administration, it appears that our cognitively deficient isn’t finished.

Joe Biden is set to unveil his administration’s finalized version of new anti-gun regulation as soon as Monday morning. Rumors have been circulating for months of a potential crackdown on Second Amendment rights, but not until a recent shooting in Sacramento, California – a state with already strict gun control laws – did the administration rush to finalize their new “ghost gun” measures.

Biden’s new regulations are said to target what ignorant liberals call “ghost guns,” or privately-made firearms without serial numbers. The “ghost” aspect refers to the federal government’s inability to track these guns, thus making them invisible to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

“I want to rein in the proliferation of so-called ‘ghost guns.’ These are guns that are homemade, built from a kit that includes the directions on how to finish the firearm. You can go buy the kit. They have no serial numbers, so when they show up at a crime scene, they can’t be traced,” Biden said in an April 2021 speech.

Biden renewed his call to restrict the Second Amendment after a shooting in Sacramento, California resulted in six dead. Cops determined the shooting stemmed from an earlier altercation and the gun in question was not registered, nor was it legal.

The Biden administration has been hammering out the details for the new gun regulations since last year.  The ATF is pushing to require gun manufacturers and dealers who distribute gun building kits to be federally licensed. Additionally, the Biden administration seeks to require all licensed gun dealers to add serial numbers to all “ghost guns” they plan to sell. Background checks also must be taken before anyone is allowed to purchase gun building kits, according to a White House source.

Biden is also expected to announce the nomination of Obama-era U.S. Attorney Steve Dettlebach as the director of the ATF. His previous nominee for the post, gun control advocate David Chipman, was withdrawn from consideration after a lack of bipartisan support stalled his nomination for several months.

Biden campaigned on the slow destruction of Second Amendment rights. With his approval rating in freefall and his presidency at a standstill, Biden is desperate for a political victory, so now appears to be the opportune time to attempt a major gun grab.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney