A War Is Coming – And Pelosi Just Chose Her Team

Photo Via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Wednesday the appointment of several individuals to a new oversight committee that will evaluate the Trump admin’s response to COVID-19 – all of whom are Democrats obsessed with impeaching the president.

Pelosi made the announcement of the addition of 6 Democrats alongside Rep. James Clyburn who will chair the committee:

House Financial Service Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, House Small Business Committee Chairwoman Nydia Velazquez, and Reps. Bill Foster, Jamie Raskin, and Andy Kim.

Republicans, for their part, shredded the effort labeling it as “impeachment 2.0.”

Democrats in the House voted last week to approve the launch of the committee despite heavy criticism from the Republicans who realized that the committee would be weaponized against the president regardless of the actual quality of the federal response to the pandemic.

“We must be sure that the money we put forth goes to those who need it most, in a way that addresses disparities in access to health care and credit,” Pelosi said Wednesday. “We also owe it to the American people to prevent waste, fraud and abuse and to protect against price-gouging and profiteering.”

Pelosi compared the panel to the committee chaired by then-Sen. Harry Truman in 1941 to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in defense spending in the early days of World War II.

She continued, “As we respond to this unprecedented pandemic, there will be other opportunities for Member participation which have been suggested for inclusion in legislation.”

While the committee will be a bi-partisan affair, no republicans have yet been named and those picks will be made by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

But a spokesman for McCarthy on Wednesday blasted the creation of the committee altogether.

“Instead of looking for innovative ways to help the American people, Speaker Pelosi has chosen to pursue ‘impeachment 2.0’ with a partisan and unnecessary oversight committee,” the McCarthy spokesman said.

The McCarthy spokesman also noted that the House already “has a standalone Oversight Committee, oversight authority in each committee, and three new oversight bodies established in the CARES Act.”

“The roster the Speaker has chosen makes clear that this is not an honest effort at transparency and accountability, but rather another attempt to politically damage the Trump administration,” the spokesman said. “During a time of unprecedented crisis, Congress must come together to speak with one voice – the Speaker’s so-called coronavirus oversight task force is simply another partisan pursuit.”

One of Pelosi’s picks, Maxine Waters, is the perfect example to prove that this will be used as an opportunity to attack President Trump.

Waters has called for the president’s removal all throughout his presidency regardless of the circumstance.

Last year Waters tweeted that impeachment was “not good enough for Trump.” She said: “He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.”

Other appointed members of the committee have a blatant history of being impeachment driven also. Jamie Raskin was in contention to be a House impeachment manager, though did not actually get the job. Carolyn Maloney called for an impeachment inquiry in June 2019, even before the Ukraine controversy developed that ultimately led to Trump’s impeachment trial.

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