After Last Round of Primaries, Trump Secures Top Spot

Uncertainty lingers over how the coronavirus will impact the Democratic primaries and even the General Election. It looks as if Joe Biden will secure the party’s nomination, but Sanders is still in the running. But there’s one race we don’t have to wonder about: the Republican Party’s. Despite have some competition, Trump brought out the voter base. And now, the nomination is all but assured.

It’s not too surprising that an incumbent president would secure his party’s nomination. Unless a president is polling very poorly among his own party, the nomination process is pretty much routine. Donald Trump has been polling around 95% among Republicans, so it was a sure bet that he’d be the party’s nominee for 2020.

But that didn’t stop Americans from breaking records. As the primaries rolled through the early states, Republicans came out of the woodwork to cast their vote for Donald Trump. We saw staggering numbers across the country. Even with a primary, Americans were flooding the polls to give Trump the win. He scored twice the number of votes both Bush and Obama received during their re-election bids.

Even with the current fears of the coronavirus shutting down upcoming events, the election rolls on. And it seems Republicans were unwilling to let their president down, virus or no. After yesterday’s primary votes, it looks like Trump has proven, once again, he’s the man the people want.

President Trump officially became the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, having secured resounding victories in both the Florida and Illinois primary elections Tuesday evening…

According to The New York Post, Trump had secured 1,141 of the 1,142 delegates up for grabs before the Tuesday voting contests took place…

“Congratulations to [Donald Trump] – the presumptive 2020 Republican nominee for President,” said Parscale. “His home state of Florida put him over the top in delegates. Record vote totals, unprecedented enthusiasm & a unified GOP!” [Source: Daily Wire]

After nearly four years of negative news coverage, relentless attacks from the left, and even violence from far-left radicals, Trump is riding high. Over the last few months, we’ve seen record number of Americans coming out to show him support. And that’s not just reflected in his huge rallies. With each states’ primaries, we’ve have seen Americans give Trump historic primary numbers.

In some states, Trump scored more votes than all the Democratic nominees combined. What does that tell you about the enthusiasm among Trump supporters?

And what does that tell you about November?

As it stands today, Joe Biden will become the Democrat’s nominee. A man they refused to touch with a ten-foot poll just a few months ago, they are going all in on. But we all know the problems facing Joe Biden. Putting aside his shady past with China and Ukraine, the man can barely finish a sentence. It’s clear his mind is eroding faster than the beach during a hurricane.

What is he going to do against Donald Trump? The president will destroy Joe Biden, and he won’t even have to try!
The current crisis only further shows how Trump will win in November. As Biden fumbles around, repeating what others are saying, Trump is taking action. Under his leadership, the country is united in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

Trump is showing the world what real leadership looks like during times of trial. Meanwhile, Joe’s dentures nearly fall out of his mouth and he confuses his wife with his sister.

What do you think will happen in November? Should Democrats even bother showing up at the polls?

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