Amazon Quietly Bans ‘Offensive’ Books

Big Tech mega-seller Amazon quietly changed their internal policy, effectively banning the sale of books and pamphlets labeled as “hate speech.” 

Amazon hoped the rule change would go unnoticed. Unfortunately for them a conservative author noticed the policy shift after he realized his book on transgenderism was no longer for sale on the website. Amazon subsequently barred third parties from selling the book. 

“‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement’ was yanked off Amazon’s shelves with no explanation,” the author said.

The policy has now been updated to say, “We don’t sell certain content including content that we determine is hate speech.” The updated policy is what led to Amazon giving ‘When Harry Became Sally’ he axe.

The rule change appears to be inconsistent throughout the entire platform as some books labeled ‘hate speech’ are still currently for sale. A source close to Amazon said the newness of the policy change has prevented consistency, but pretty soon all books deemed offensive will be booted from Amazon. 

Amazon has a long history of banning products they consider “hate speech,” linked to or relating to “hateful groups or entities.” The policy banks third-party retailers from selling “hateful” products if they use Amazon’s eCommerce platforms. 

Although, books and other publications were typically exempt from this policy. There hasn’t been a mention in Amazon’s past book policies of “hate speech.” At one point, the mega-seller did issue a policy banning the sale of pornography and pornographic literature.

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