America On High Alert As Biden Lifts Trump’s Protections

The Biden administration has signaled they are willing to lift certain counterterrorism sanctions on Iran imposed by then-President Donald Trump. Diplomats in Biden’s camp have revealed to the Iranian regime that some terrorism sanctions were “not legitimately” imposed by Trump.

“The Trump administration deliberately and avowedly imposed sanctions by invoking labels — terrorism and other labels — even though it was done purely for the purpose of exiting from The Iran Nuclear Deal.”

The Iranian regime has demanded Biden lift all sanctions imposed by the Trump administration or it will not comply with the original clause of the Nuclear Deal preventing them from enriching their uranium stockpile. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s team has rejected that demand. However, the current administration has yet to finalize any deals about which sanctions they’d be willing to lift be it that Iran complies with certain demands.

Blinken’s team acknowledged that the Biden administration believes Trump and his diplomatic envoy intentionally abused the sanctions clause as to make it more difficult to return to the original deal.

In recent weeks U.S. and Iranian officials have been speaking through intermediaries in Vienna.

Blinken’s representatives in Vienna have identified for the Iranians the types of sanctions that the U.S. expects to lift as well as those that Tehran should expect to coexist with the rehabilitation of the nuclear deal, but the boundaries of those categories remain a subject of debate.

Author: Lana Oberon