America Responds To Biden’s Gun Grab — He Definitely Didn’t See This Coming

Since day one, Biden has not been shy about his intentions to attack the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. He’s issued numerous executive orders categorizing certain guns as “assault weapons” or “ghost guns” in an effort to legitimize the illegal seizure of weapons.

Reports emerged this week that Biden is teaming up with his European globalist friends to tackle worldwide gun violence, a precursor to the looming national gun registry that many in the States fear.

Additionally, he’s nominated the most radical anti-gun candidate to lead the department of Alcohol, Firearms, Explosives, and Tobacco, but many in the Senate are pushing back against him.

As a result, the American people are arming themselves in record numbers. The response to Biden’s gun grab has been astronomical; millions of Americans won’t take it lying down.

August 2021 saw the second-most number of National Instant Background Check System (NICS) checks of any August in history.

FBI figures show 2,715,223 NICS checks were conducted during August 2021, second only to the 3,115,063 NICS checks conducted in August 2020.

According to reports, July 2021 was a similar situation with 2,882,676 NICS checks conducted, second only to the 3,639,224 conducted in July 2020.

There were record background checks for 17 straight months, January 2020 through May 2021, with each of those 17 months breaking every previous record for NICS checks in that respective month.

In other words, January 2020 saw more NICS checks than any previous January, February 2020 saw more than any previous February, March 2020 more than any previous March, and so on, all the way through May 2021.

The NICS check momentum dipped slightly in June 2021, but still leaving the month as one with the second-highest number of NICS checks of any June on record.

It is important to remember that NICS checks are not a precise measurement for the number of gun sales taking place, as the checks are conducted on the would-be purchaser, rather than the gun itself.

Moreover, an individual can buy more than one gun at retail once he or she has passed the background check. (That latter point means the number of NICS checks could be lower than the number of guns sold.)

Also, some states also regularly perform background checks on concealed carry permit holders as a way of maintaining oversight on possible criminal behavior.

Author: Asa McCue