America Will Never Recover From Democrats’ Next Spending Package

Just when you thought Joe Biden’s spending couldn’t get any more out of control, think again.

Biden has instructed his minions to draft a $3 trillion infrastructure spending deal – but there’s a catch. Similarly to the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus, Biden’s infrastructure bill will have little to do with bridges and roads, but will focus primarily on social welfare programs.

Reports broke of Biden’s massive spending proposal in The New York Times. The reporting reveals that while the bill will allot many billions to infrastructure, it will also address Biden’s radical left agenda. Trillions of taxpayer dollars will be used to address “reducing carbon emissions,” “addressing economic inequality,” and “promoting equality.”  

Only one third of the bill’s total spending (about $1 trillion) will be used for actual infrastructure projects. 

Other far-Left priorities include:

  • Billions for wind and solar power, 
  • 5G telecommunications
  • Affordable and energy-efficient” housing units.
  • $400 billion in “green spending”
  • Tuition reduction for minorities
  • Money for child care and eldercare
  • Free community college
  • Universal prekindergarten

The Democrats will attempt to gain more Republican support by splitting up the spending bills as much as possible. It is unknown how Biden will fund such an expansive spending project, other than the massive tax increases he plans to enact soon. 

by: John Randolph 

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