Americans Should Mentally Prepare For More Pelosi, Here’s Why…

Just when you thought the old witch planned on hanging up her broom and hat…

Despite a previous pledge to stop down as leader of the House Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will file and run for next year’s midterm elections, according to a credible source.

The report comes as speculation grows about who may replace Pelosi as leader of the House Democratic Caucus if she retires after the 2022 elections, which are widely expected to result in Republicans winning back control of the chamber.

Pelosi has held her party’s top role in the House as both speaker and minority leader for nearly two decades. During leadership elections in 2018, Pelosi agreed to a term-limit plan that would mean she would not seek the speaker’s gavel after the 2022 elections. Last year, she affirmed her commitment to the plan.

However, sources familiar with Pelosi said that the decrepit wicked witch of the Democrat Party is staying open to another run, breaking her previous pledge to give someone younger a shot.

Pelosi could still ultimately keep her term-limit agreement and leave Congress even if she seeks and is elected to another term by resigning after the election.

Running for another term and keeping open the possibility of seeking a leadership position again helps Pelosi keep control over her caucus and avoid being seen as a “lame-duck speaker,” a term that Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has used to describe her.

There is also the concern that if Pelosi says that she is going to retire before the 2022 elections and Republicans do win back the House in a massive wave, it will look like she was abandoning her party right before Republicans take control.

In the last year, Pelosi has dealt with a fair number of struggles managing her caucus due to a growing divide between centrist and far-left Democrats. Democrats’ razor-thin majority in the House has allowed both ideological wings leverage.

The House Speaker has also experienced multiple instances of hilarious embarrassment while governing through the pandemic, most notably her publicity stunt through San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Or how about the time she and her Democrat cohorts adorned themselves in traditional African kente cloth and took a knee to honor the Black Lives Matter movement.

Unfortunately the octogenarian House Speaker needed a hand getting up.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney