Americans Turn Their Backs On Biden, Look To Trump For Respite

The great energy shift of late 2021 is in effect as we experience an unprecedented fall from grace in just one year of Joe Biden’s presidency.

A series of disastrous blunders caused many Americans to rethink and inevitably regret their decision to vote for the cognitively deficient president who insists on enacting some of the worst policies this country has ever seen.

Some voters have no say in the matter as they’re more than likely deceased…

In the latest sign that Joe Biden is falling out of favor, the public now thinks that Former President Donald Trump handled the coronavirus crisis better.

What’s more, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that voters believe Biden has broken his promise to end the virus. The findings eliminate one of the few remaining issue areas where the Democrat had been receiving positive approval ratings. It also erases one of the issues on which voters said he did better than Trump.

On the question of fighting COVID-19, likely voters said Biden has done a “worse” job than Trump by a 49%-39% margin. Some 10% said both have done the same job, and 20% of Democrats chose “worse.”

Biden made promises during the campaign to end the crisis and repeatedly hit Trump’s handling of the fight.

For months, polls showed that voters approved of Biden’s efforts. But with the crisis continuing and new variants popping up, voters have soured on Biden.

Rasmussen, for example, asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic?” Some 55% said “disapprove,” with most of those, 44%, choosing “strongly disapprove.” Some 43% approve of his efforts.

That gap is wider than in a poll conducted just last month. The findings represent a sharp downturn in opinions about Biden’s effort against COVID-19. As recently as July, 56% of voters approved of how Biden was handling the pandemic.

Rasmussen also asked, “During his campaign last year, President Biden promised to ‘shut down the virus.’ Has President Biden kept that promise, or broken that promise?” Just 30% said he kept the promise, while 56% said he had broken it.

At this rate it’s highly unlikely that Joe Biden nor the Democrats achieve much, save existential failure in the next midterm and presidential elections.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney