Another Lockdown Looms Right In Time For ’22 Midterms

This news comes as Democrats fail to inspire voters ahead of the midterm elections. Most believe, and poll number support, a giant Red Wave destroying Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress.

American sentiment also points to the downfall of Joe Biden and his administration.

After numerous failures, such as the botched Afghanistan evacuation mission, destruction of America’s energy independence, skyrocketing gas prices, outrageous rise in consumer prices, a generally depleted economy, bombed out labor market, out of control pandemic restrictions, endless ‘woke’ initiatives, anti-white policies, a complete decimation of the US-Mexico border, and utter destruction of diplomatic relations, the Biden-Harris administration is barely treading water as it is.

Democrats know bold action must be taken to overcome their failures, so another lockdown is just what the Doctor ordered – literally.

In one interview, Fauci again called out unvaccinated Americans who he implied would usher in a “fifth wave” of China Virus infection.

The new Omicron coronavirus variant, first discovered in South Africa and announced in recent days, has now been detected in a growing number of other countries.

According to Fauci, the variant is likely already in the United States.

The writing is on the wall and more Americans are finally discovering the motives behind endless variant scares and and an insistence to perpetuate this pandemic to its fullest extent.

Another lockdown, incessant mandates, and strident restrictions imposed on Americans is a sure fire way to win elections, as illustrated during the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats must keep fanning the flames of COVID-19 if they ever wish to win in ’22 and ’24.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney