Another Psaki Backtrack Causes Nationwide Suffering

The White House inaccurately reassured the American people that there was no gas shortage in the U.S. after the Colonial Pipeline was attacked by cyber terrorists. In typical form, however, the White House acknowledged the problem mere hours later.

WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki enlisted the help of the Homeland Security advisers in an effort to show the American people the Biden administration was urgently working on the crisis. The officials urged Americans to remain calm, though denied having a gas shortage at all.

“Right now, there is not a supply shortage,” Sherwood-Randall told reporters.

Psaki again telling mistruths to the American people about the lack of fuel shortage during the presser, noting: “at this point in time, we don’t see a supply issue.”

However, social media users began flooding the platforms with videos of long lines at gas stations, many of which were totally out of fuel. The crisis caused Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper to declare a state of emergency. Only then did the White House admit there was in fact a problem.

Drives were alarmed when they were unable to fill-up their tanks on Tuesday. Many first-hand accounts posted now-viral videos to the social media, which show the true nature of the ongoing crisis.

Author: Asa McCue