Anti-Lockdown Governor Sticks It To “Faucism”

Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis sat down with conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson to discuss his regrets about the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which reached its peak this time last year.

Gov. DeSantis revealed that it only took him a couple weeks into the outbreak to realize Dr. Fauci’s extreme lockdown restrictions were largely ineffective. The Republican explained he regrets blindly following the lead of “America’s Doctor” instead of using his own best judgement.

“If I had more data, I would have had the ability to say, ‘Wait a minute. Why would we need to close a gym for two weeks? These are younger people going to work out. If you’re healthy, you’re going to end up dealing with the virus better.”

DeSantis referred to the lockdown restrictions as “Faucism,” saying eventually his state just had enough.

“Okay, we’re not doing Faucism, we’re going to make sure our states open. We’re going to get the kids back in school and we’ll just focus our protection on elderly people, who are the ones at risk…Some of the restrictions we did, I think, were ineffective.”

Many strict lockdown measures, or “Faucism,” are still ongoing throughout the country — a fact that DeSantis believes has contributed to many Americans fleeing to Florida.  DeSantis lauded the pro-rule of law, open-for-business approach to his leadership, which continues to resonate with even liberal Americans.

Author: Elizabeth Sheridan