‘Anti-Oil’ Biden Has Sudden Change Of Tune As Red State Freezes

Joe Biden is suddenly understands the necessity of fossil fuels in America. After promising to get rid of fossil fuels on the campaign trail, and nearly destroying the industry since he’s been in office, this change of tune comes as a bit of a surprise.  

Texas is currently at its breaking point. Winter storms have severely damaged their electrical grid, leaving millions without power and other basic necessities. The Biden administration has dug its heels and delayed any response to the crisis until the situation demanded federal intervention. 

Almost immediately Biden has realized the necessity of fossil fuels. 

“Biden has ordered FEMA to supply Texas with generators and has OK’d the move of our diesel gas reserve to further strengthen the state’s damaged infrastructures,” Jen Psaki said.

Does that mean the Biden administration is admitting that we still need fossil fuels?

The utter failure of green energy, in part, is to blame for the current devastation in Texas. The blistering winter weather has caused wind turbines to freeze, rendering them useless, and severely depleting the state’s energy source.  

Proponents of natural gas and fossil fuel have been vindicated in this case as their main argument against green energy is its dependence on good weather to function properly. Since unusual freezing temperatures in Texas have completely frozen their wind turbines, plunging the state into chaos, it would seem the green energy radicals have been proven wrong. 

However, the problem arises when we become too reliant on green energy. Biden himself said on the campaign trail that he was going to “phase out fossil fuels.”

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