AOC Reveals ‘Legislative Strategy’ To Pass Far-Left Agenda

By Leah Barkoukis July 16th, 2020 | Image Source: Town Hall

There’s no question that since Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow squad members were elected they have driven the party much further left. The Green New Deal, which promised to massively transform our society and included goals to eliminate air travel, cars, and fossil fuels, and the New Way Forward Act, a radical immigration plan, are just two examples. Democrats not only gladly got on board with the extremist positions espoused in the plans, but at times said they didn’t go quite far enough.

While these radical ideas have largely been dismissed, what would happen if Democrats retake the Senate and the presidency? According to AOC, that’s the key to ramming progressive ideology through.

“That is really, you know, when people say and ask me, ‘How are you going to pass this or that,’ I tell them, ‘We’ve got to win the Senate and the White House.’ That is our legislative strategy for getting this stuff passed,” she said.

And that, of course, is the danger of someone like Joe Biden getting elected. As Fox News’s Tucker Carlson has argued, he is a shell of a candidate.

“We should stop pretending that this is an election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. There is no Joe Biden. The Joe Biden you remember no longer exists,” he said during one of his recent monologues. “The babbling husk you see may have the same name and similar features, but behind the mask, there is nothing but a jumbled collection of talking points from the early 70s.”

“The candidate has no independent thoughts of his own. He has no core beliefs. He is empty. He’s a perfect Trojan horse. For the people who’ve taken over the Democratic Party, he is perfect,” Carlson continued. “Their plan is to ride him to power. Once there, someone tough and calculating and purposefully, Kamala Harris probably, will change the country. How? Well, they’ve shown us how.”

Author: Leah Barkoukis

Source: Town Hall: AOC Reveals ‘Legislative Strategy’ to Pass Far-Left Agenda

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