As Biden’s Health Dwindles, He Makes a Move No One Saw Coming

This just goes to show the incredibly backwards priorities of Biden and his failed administration.

Can you imagine if Trump – or any other Republican for that matter – did something similar? While American citizens remain stranded behind enemy lines, fighting for the lives to escape a country headed by Islamic terrorists, Biden heads to California to save his fellow Democrat from losing his job.

While it’s impossible to say for sure, it’s almost guaranteed that if Trump were commander in chief, there would be no rest, no distractions until Americans were home safe.

Biden could barely walk, stand, or utter a sentence without breaking into a coughing fit — but that’s the norm for our current president.

Biden approached the podium to give a speech in the hopes that he will save Gov. Newsom from likely recall. He went on to compare Newsom’s greatest challenger, conservative radio host Larry Elder, to Donald Trump — the lowest common dig every hacky Democrat utilizes to rev up a liberal crowd.

Newsom has the support of the Democrat elite in Washington, many of whom have traveled to California to help get him over the edge amidst growing rage from residents of the state.

Biden was met with anti-Newsom and pro-Trump protestors upon his arrival in Long Beach – a clear sign that California may be changing its tune.

Tuesday is the last day to vote. Nearly 8 million Californians already have cast mail-in ballots. Republicans tend to be more skeptical of mail voting, particularly as former President Donald Trump has suggested it leads to fraud, so recall organizers are hoping Newsom’s critics show up in huge numbers for in-person Election Day voting.

Trump noted the similarities between the upcoming recall election and the 2020 presidential election, where 11th hour tactics were deployed to siphon votes toward the Democrats.

At this rate, it’s unclear whether Newsom and the California Democrats will be successful in their attempt to destroy the democratic process by utilizing mail-in-ballots, and other measures, to guarantee a victory.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth