Biden Admin Ignores Nuclear China To Fight ‘Invisible Monster’

You know the country is doomed when the Department of Defense, the very organization tasked with protecting national security, claims (with all seriousness) that climate change is as grave of threat as Communist China.

Lest we forget, our far East adversaries are openly testing nuclear weapons as we speak.

On Wednesday, the DOD said China and climate change were “equally important” threats to U.S. national security.

“And we considered China as the number one pacing challenge for the department. Both are equally important,”
he continued.

Total clown show.

Biden has instructed his administration to repeat the same lies about the invisible monster of climate change since day one.

Both Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin and the cognitively deficient president consider a climate crisis to hold the same level of threat to our national security as China, who is nuclear capable. Since taking office, Biden has implemented policies designed to curb U.S. reliance on fossil fuels and transition the nation’s energy reliance to renewable sources, which has resulted in skyrocketing gas prices and a crumbling economy.

More than 20 federal agencies, including the DOD, released climate adaptation plans last month detailing their initiatives to tackle climate change. Biden ordered the plans in January.

The DOD’s plan said climate change was a national security threat and hurts American military readiness.

The Pentagon published a separate climate analysis report on which again highlighted the tactical challenges climate change poses to armed forces.

However, multiple intelligence assessments have pegged China as the biggest threat to the U.S.

The Director of National Intelligence released its annual threat assessment report which concluded the Chinese government “will continue its whole-of-government efforts to spread China’s influence, undercut that of the United States, drive wedges between Washington and its allies and partners, and foster new international norms that favor the authoritarian Chinese system.”

The Pentagon revealed last week that China was developing its nuclear weapons arsenal faster than the U.S.

At any moment China can destroy the United States both militarily and economically; Biden has given them that power, seemingly by choice.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney