Biden Admits Shocking Truth — To a Group Of Preschoolers

Joe Biden has seriously lost the plot; no one predicted just how rapid his mental decline would be. The difficulty of the job is well documented, but the presidency is taking a serious toll on Biden’s mental state.

However, he did finally admit the truth about one key issue that’s been plaguing his administration since day one:

His lack of transparency.

Biden famously ignores the press, only taking pre-screened questions from a prepared list of reporters. In a way he’s completely reliant upon mass media outlets who constantly publish liberal propaganda, yet our cognitively deficient president often fails to return the favor.

Meanwhile, in front of a class of masked preschoolers (who are preschoolers wearing masks?!) Biden finally admitted his strategy with reporters.

Sleepy Joe told a preschooler that he tries to figure out how to “avoid answering [questions] sometimes” while touring a preschool in New Jersey.

Biden met with New Jersey preschoolers at North Plainfield school while lobbying for Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and to tout his pair of spending bills he hopes will pass before the end of the month.

Biden did his feel-good publicity stunt in front of the young children despite his poor reputation of unwarranted touching of minors, including creepily smelling their hair.

A classroom full of masked preschoolers is quite the shocking sight. Despite all of the data, the muzzled children were forced to don masks — and it wasn’t a special occasion. The preschool requires them for all children and staff despite the adult’s vaccination status.

One boy showed Biden the words on his shirt that read “Future president,” a witness reported.

Biden gave the boy, named Landon, some advice about dealing with the press when he’s president.

“You know, when you’re president, you see all these people here?” Biden said to the boy. “They’re with you all of the time. They get to ask you all kinds of questions. And you got to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes.”

In May, Biden walked away during a press conference after a reporter asked a question, and also joked about running over a reporter.

Biden used his time amongst 3 and 4-year-olds, who’s education would be completely funded by the federal if Biden’s spending bills pass, that his team of negotiators are close to striking a deal with lawmakers.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth