Biden Attacked From All Sides After Failing In Afghanistan

Fox New host Joey Jones, a retired Marine and amputee, shared a series of heart-wrenching messages from veterans who are trying desperately to get their friends and family members safely out of Afghanistan as Taliban swarm through the country.

Jones compiled some of the messages he’d received from fellow veterans on Twitter regarding their efforts to get family and friends safely out of the country.

One veteran reported that he knew of an interpreter with a 9 months pregnant wife who got close to safety but now will never make it since the evacuation ops got closed down.

Another frustrated veteran shared the story of how he cannot get his own family out of the country due to bureaucratic red tape even though he’s working “6am to midnight” to get others evacuated.

Many messages flooded into Jones’ account. One stood out from all the rest because it confirmed the fears that most Americans were concerned about. It read that that the Biden administration’s role in the disaster “is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE,” adding that because of the President’s failures, Taliban fighters have executed several of his interpreters family members.

Scott Taylor, a retired Navy SEAL said on Thursday that President Biden possesses a “range of options,” but his inaction and failings will lead the U.S. into the worst American hostage situation in history.

With the current number of trapped American citizens still in the country, the looming crisis could dwarf the Iranian hostage crisis of 1980, when 52 U.S. diplomats were kept for 444 days under President Jimmy Carter.

Taylor warned that the Taliban is currently using “their best behavior,” warning that as soon as the remaining thousands of American troops leave, that things will get much worse for anyone the Taliban wishes to brand as an enemy.

President Biden was steadfastly adhering to the evacuation deadline of August 31, an unachievable goal already, cut short by Thursday morning’s bombing which effectively shuttered evacuation efforts early. Thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of U.S. allies remain stranded in the country, with no hope for escape.

As a result of the bomb attacks, the gates of the Kabul airport have been welded shut to help prevent further terrorist attacks.

This isn’t like Saigon, this is much, much worse…

Author: Krista Clarke