Biden Blindsided As Rittenhouse Whacks Him With This Warning Shot

Joe Biden never expected for the Kyle Rittenhouse case to end as it did.

While on the campaign trail his staffers used inflamed rhetoric and edited footage of Rittenhouse to produce an advertisement alluding to Trump being a white supremacist, which is now backfiring completely.

In essence, the current sitting president maliciously defamed Rittenhouse — and now Kyle is taking him to task for it.

Kyle Rittenhouse was recently acquitted of all charges in the shooting of three men during political unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer. He’s now putting Joe Biden on notice for what could be defamation litigation.

Rittenhouse said Biden linking him to white supremacists was “actual malice,” and added that it’s “defaming [his] character for [Biden] to say something like that.”

The reference to Rittenhouse came when Biden released an advertisement on Sept. 30, 2020, in which he attacked Former President Donald Trump for not disavowing white supremacists during a debate.

The ad featured an image of Rittenhouse carrying a gun during the riots in Kenosha last year.

The teenager’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, previously chastised Biden over the ad.

“He went to Kenosha to help people, and what Joe Biden did and showed my son’s picture, his image, and labeled him as a white supremacist, I will take him down.”

Both during the trial and after its verdict, many on the Left have sought to make race the driving component behind Rittenhouse’s actions. The unrest broke out after the August 2020 shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, by police .

Rittenhouse dismissed any notions that race affected his actions.

Still the propagandist media and radical leftist groups have injected race into the case as justification for rioting in major U.S. cities across the country.

Their riots reveal a very sinister fact about the far-left in America.

The Rittenhouse case, though having nothing to do with race, is merely a conduit for the far-left to justify burning down cities and ushering in communist revolution, a move they are not afraid to admit.

Reacting to the verdict, Biden gave a diplomatic answer as to not ruffle any feathers.

That is until he released a follow-up statement in which he said:

“While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken.”

His follow-up statement is a clear indication of who Biden is aligning himself with: the radical far-left.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney