Biden Can’t Escape These Photos — And Democrats Know It

A Democrat lawmaker who represents congressional districts on the southern border just released a new round of shocking photos.

The shocking photographs confirm the worse: overcrowded migrant facilities, inhumane conditions, and children crammed in cages despite a still-growing pandemic.


The new round of photos come as Rep. Henry Cuellar, and other Republicans, made a visit to the border to inspect the harrowing conditions. Earlier this month Rep. Cueller released similar pictures after visiting the border, which shook the nation and left the Biden administration scrambling for answers.

Cuellar, whose congressional district shares a border with Mexico, said many of the migrant kids have been held “for longer” than the legal 72-hour limit.

If Cuellar’s claims are true, the Biden administration has broken the federal law that prevents underage migrant children from being housed in temporary border camps for more than three days. Health and Human Services is required to transfer minors to long-term facilities until they can be released to family members.

As of Sunday, there are over 16,000 unaccompanied minors in the federal government’s custody. The surge in minors at the border has caused mass confusion, hysteria and, as a result, inhumane living conditions for the illegal children.

Encounters have averaged about 5,000 people per day throughout March, which would be about a 50% increase over February if those figures hold for the entire month.

Author: Stephen Plinkert






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