Biden Can’t Understand Why ‘MAGA Folks’ Don’t Trust Him

Joe Biden’s failure knows no bounds. No one knows that better than supporters of Former President Donald Trump. Many ‘MAGA folks,’ as Biden called them, are skeptical of the ongoing vaccine rhetoric circling the current administration

As a result, Joe Biden is calling on local leaders, namely pastors and other religious leaders, to urge some of Trump’s more skeptical supporters to get vaccinated. 

At a White House event touting his massive COVID spending bill, Biden was asked by a reporter what he can do to urge skeptical Americans to become vaccinated. 

Biden revealed his staff have discussed the Republican skepticism surrounding the constant push for vaccination. 

A Mainstream Media poll released on Thursday revealed 41 percent of Republicans had not received the vaccine or would ever consider getting it. That’s nearly 30,000,000 Americans. 

During his CPAC speech in February, Trump urged viewers to “go get your shot.” 

Biden’s White House has shot down all suggestions to reach out to Trump despite an ad showing vaccinated former presidents. 

Biden himself introduced significant skepticism about Trump’s miracle vaccine on the campaign trail, oftentimes declaring doubt about it’s safety and effectiveness. 

“The American people don’t believe he’s telling the truth,” Biden said on the effectiveness of Trump’s vaccine. 

Biden told the American people Trump’s vaccine is “not likely go through all the tests and the trials that are needed to be done.” As a result, many Biden supporters remained skeptical but the administration has decided to focus its efforts on ‘MAGA folks’ instead. 

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