Biden Caught Hiding a Massive Military Operation — You Won’t Believe Where

What else have they been lying about?

U.S. military forces have secretly been operating in Taiwan for over a year to help train Taiwan’s military and defenses in preparation for a possible war with communist China.

A seemingly wise move and one that directly protects our allies, it seems odd, however, that it was kept secret.

About two dozen members of U.S. special-operations and support troops are conducting training for small units of Taiwan’s ground forces, according to reports this week. The U.S. Marines have been working closely with Taiwan forces on small-boat training operations for the passed year.

China has significantly increased its military posturing toward Taiwan during the Biden-era as numerous critics say that America’s enemies around the world have been emboldened by what they see as weakness from Democrat Joe Biden.

On Monday alone, China sent 52 military planes from its air force into Taiwanese air space. This marks the largest intrusion of China into Taiwan since the 1970s. On the same day, the cognitively deficient president released a statement saying the administration was “very concerned” about China’s repeated provocative military actions toward Taiwan.

The special-operations unit and the Marine contingent are a small but symbolic effort by the U.S. to increase Taipei’s confidence in building its defenses against potential Chinese aggression. The report said that officials were concerned that Taiwan has spent too much money on expensive military hardware and not enough on defensive systems that would be used to thwart an invasion.

Taiwan’s military reported that China sent the following military aircraft into its airspace on Monday:

  • 34 J-16 sorties (Thirty four J-16)
  • Su Kai-30 aircraft 2 sorties (Two SU-30)
  • Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft 2 sorties (Two Y-8 ASW)
  • Air Police-500 aircraft 2 sorties (Two KJ-500 AEW&C)
  • H-6 12 sorties (Twelve H-6)

What will transpire, no one knows; they won’t tell the American public anything. One this is for certain: if China is allowed to proceed on their path of world domination, it’s no longer a given that America can defend themselves any longer.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth