Biden Comes Unhinged – Screams Profanities During Unprovoked Tantrum

A furious President Joe Biden reportedly unleashed on one of his own after the fellow Democrat refused to get on board with a radical Biden plan.

According to a new book, Biden during a phone call to Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, erupted over Manchin’s refusal to play along with the Democrats efforts to pass a multi-trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus package.

“If you don’t come along, you’re really f***ing me,” the president allegedly told Manchin, according to The Washington Post’s associate editor Bob Woodward and national political reporter Robert Costa, who co-wrote the new book, “Peril.”

At the time, Manchin, a moderate, was considered the key swing vote after he expressed concerns about the high cost of the package.

“On the day of the alleged phone call, Manchin compromised with his fellow Senate Democrats over a disagreement involving an unemployment benefits proposal included in the package,” the Daily Caller reported.

“Democrats supported funding $400 of weekly unemployment benefits, while the West Virginia senator supported a proposal offered by Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, that would have only included $300 benefits through July 18.”

Back in May, the House passed on a $3 trillion COVID-19 relief package back in favor of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s preferred $3.5 trillion COVID-19 spending package which she is still trying to push through.

Biden is set to meet Wednesday with Manchin and fellow Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as he tries to win support for the economic plan.

The president will speak separately to Manchin and Sinema, CNBC reported. “Both lawmakers have criticized the proposed $3.5 trillion price tag, and Manchin has called on party leaders to delay votes on the legislation.”

CNBC further noted that, “The meetings come at a pivotal point for an agenda that Democrats hope will offer a lifeline to households and stymie Republican efforts to win control of Congress next year. Party leaders gave congressional committees a Wednesday deadline to write their portions of the bill, and they hope to send it to Biden’s desk in the coming weeks.”

“Democrats have to navigate a political maze before they can pass what they call the biggest investment in the social safety net in decades. While the party does not need a GOP vote to approve the bill through budget reconciliation, a single Democratic defection can sink it in the Senate, giving Manchin and Sinema massive leverage to shape the plan.”

The new book contains interviews with more than 200 people and is set to be released next week, but has already leaked some explosive claims about top officials in the government.

The book also examines how Biden’s experience as vice president shaped his approach to the withdrawal. Convinced that President Barack Obama had been manipulated by his own commanders, Biden vowed privately in 2009, “The military doesn’t f— around with me.”

Author: Blake Flagler