Biden Cracks Down On Gun Rights — But Didn’t Expect This

Joe Biden is attacking civil liberties at every angle.
Sources in D.C. warn that Biden’s crackdown on legal gun owners could be happening sooner than you think – as soon as next week. The current administration has been vocal proponents of sweeping gun control legislation, a measure that many gun rights group are fearing. 

Current legislation on the books is Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 125 and H.R. 127. Collectively these bills will destroy the Second Amendment as we know it, calling for psychological examinations for gun owners, mandatory liability insurance, registration of ALL firearms, a seven-day waiting period on purchases of semiautomatic firearms, registration of ALL ammunition and for nationwide licensing of ALL gun owners – among other things. 

Democrats Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Mike Thompson are expected to put forward universal background check bill following Biden’s Valentine’s Day call for immediate gun control legislation.

Biden also demanded a ban on all “assault weapons,” a ban on “high capacity” ammunition magazines, and the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which shielded gun owners from frivolous and endless lawsuits. 

Sources were unable to reveal which gun control measures would be taken up by Congress next week. 

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