Biden Crosses His Fingers And Hopes Inflation Will Just Take Care Of Itself

… and they aren’t even hiding it!

Jen Psaki must be need a break because she enlisted her second-in-command to inform reporters that the Biden administration is making absolutely zero moves to correct the skyrocketing fuel prices currently weighing heavy on America’s pocketbook.

When asked about the struggle at the pump, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could not name anything – not one policy proposal- Biden was considering to help alleviate rising fuel prices across the country.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre what else the administration could do “besides tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve” to combat rising gas prices.


Their plan is no longer a secret to anyone paying attention.

The Biden administration does not belief rising gas prices are an issue, even as the American people struggle to make up for the rising costs.

Biden and the corporate overlords who run his presidency are seeking ways to keep the country subdued and reliant upon the federal government for each and every need. By creating artificial tragedies, as they did with COVID and are now doing with ‘climate change,’ Biden’s government can justify their blatant overreach into the private lives of Americans.

The lack of action on rising fuel prices is merely their latest installment.

By kowtowing to global corporations hell-bent on turning a profit after pushing electric vehicles, the Biden administration is unleashing a propaganda campaign that plants a spark in the minds of Americans who now have determined gas is too expensive.

The push to destroy America’s energy independence is no mistake — and not a decision made to prevent climate change.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Asa McCue