Biden Devastated As Calls For Resignation Reach Never-Before-Seen Levels

At this point it matters not whether a conservative pollster or a fake news outlet takes America’s temperature on Joe Biden, the cognitively deficient president of the United States.

His approval ratings and national popularity have steadily decreased upon taking office and nothing seems to stop the bleeding.

From depletion of America’s energy resources, the botched evacuation mission in Afghanistan, bombed out US-Mexico border, faltering economy, rising consumer goods, ongoing China Virus pandemic, endless ‘woke’ initiatives, and a general bleak feeling of doom-and-gloom, the American people have had just about enough with Joe Biden and his entire administration.

According to the most recent polling (from the bastion of propaganda no less), just 16% of American adults strongly approve of Joe Biden’s job performance.

The poll was conducted by NPR/Marist and was released on Thursday.

The polling number is worrisome for the cognitively deficient president who struggles to get anywhere with a vocal majority of American voters.

You know it’s a bad sign when more than double the number of people strongly disapprove of Biden’s job performance than strongly approve of it.

Respondents indicated 38% strongly disapprove of Biden’s job performance, 22% greater than those who strongly support Biden’s job performance.

Biden has fallen flat with independents. Only 10% of independents strongly approve of the president’s performance, while a whopping 38% strongly disapprove — a 28 point difference.

Moreover, more Democrats (5%) strongly disapprove of Biden’s job performance than Republicans strongly approve (2%).

Among white college graduates, a key voting bloc for Democrats, 35% strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance, while just 20% strongly approve.

People under the age of 45 also give the president low marks: Only 8% strongly approve of his performance, while 33% strongly disapprove.

The poll sampled 1,172 adults November 30 through December 6. The margin of error is 3.8 percentage points.

These numbers spell trouble for Joe Biden and the Democrats who are poised to be slapped with a massive Red Wave come next November. In two years after that, the country will be ready to choose its next president and, unless by miracle or fraud, there’s only a slim chance Joe Biden will be invited back to the White House.

Author: Asa McCue