Biden Doesn’t Seem To Care How Illegal His New Policy Is

This week, Biden acquiesced to the Radical Socialist Democrats who demanded he extend a pandemic-era eviction moratorium.

The cognitively-deficient president even admitted his decision would likely not stand up against concerns over its Constitutionality. However, he seemed to care not about the landlords who have struggled to pay their bills throughout the entire pandemic, instead focusing on appeasing the socialist lawmakers who he so desperately needs for their support.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressed by CBS News Radio reporter Steven Portnoy on Wednesday about the recent message that President Joe Biden conveyed to the American public regarding eviction moratoriums, saying that there are Americans who “are now disappointed that the president is signaling that he doesn’t respect the rule of law.”

Concerns over the legality of Biden’s order to freeze evictions come after the Supreme Court issued a ruling stating the federal government does not have the authority to abandon property rights to such a degree. Despite the ruling, the Biden administration determined it was more politically expedient to bend a knee to the Far-Left rather than stand behind the property owners who simply wish to get paid and support their families.

Psaki could barely keep it together as the reporter continued to grill her over Biden’s flagrant disrespect of the Constitution. The press secretary proceeded to inform struggling landlords of a government program aimed to help them get free money during the pandemic.

That’s the Democrat response — seek government assistance if you’re ever in a bind because that’s exactly what will keep voters on board with their radicalism. It never occurred to Biden or the Democrats that some Americans do not wish to seek entitlements from the government, preferring instead to work for a living.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth