Biden Fails To Regain Approval — Tanks Further With Americans

The political winds blow day by day and approval ratings are effected accordingly. It’s true what they say about politics: one year is a lifetime.

But that doesn’t account for the bleeding of Biden’s popularity with voters from his own party, independents, and of course Republicans, all of whom have totally soured on the cognitively deficient president.

Biden has never been so unpopular in his 50-year D.C. career. A majorty of registered voters (53%) now say they disapprove with Biden’s performance, while just 41% approve of Sleepy Joe’s approach. These poll numbers reflect the 10-point edge Republicans now have on Democrats among registered voters on a generic congressional midterm ballot.

If the election was held today: 51% of registered voters prefer a GOP-held Congress, compared to just 41% for a Democrat-held Congress, according to the poll.

It’s the largest lead Republican congressional candidates have held in the midterm election vote preferences of the poll in 40 years Not since Reagan’s presidential victor and subsequent congressional Red Wave of 1981 have Republicans fared so well in a general poll.

Biden’s sinking approval ratings along with multiple Democrat loses in on the state level paint a clear picture of what’s to come in ’22 and ’24. Gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey are contributing to the red swing.

Biden’s overall approval was last at 50% in June, before falling to 44% in September after the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan. The swing is mostly among his base, too.

While 94% of Democrats approved in June, compared to 3% disapproval, there are now more than five times as many Democrats disapproving (16%). Just 4 in 10 Democrats strongly approve of the job Biden is doing, compared to about 7 in 10 in June.

Biden is 16 points under water on the economy, as inflation has spiked in recent weeks. That negative rating has more than doubled since April, when he was just 7 points under water on his handling of the economy.

Additionally, Joe Biden and the Democrats can no longer rely on the pandemic panic either. The American people have ended the hysteria as most voters claim it’s a non-issue to consider in upcoming elections.

This comes as a shock to Democrats since the China Virus pandemic was their bread and butter in 2020, but they’ve milked that tragedy for all it’s worth.

The Democrats are seriously panicking … and it couldn’t be more glorious.

Author: Asa McCue