Biden Falls From Grace — And He’s Taking America With Him

While Joe Biden was always seen as a bumbling idiot, no one predicted such a sudden fall from grace.

A majority of American voters say Joe Biden should resign immediately. The most pertinent reason for voter disapproval “is due to the way the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled,” which left at least 13 U.S. service members and more than 170 Afghan civilians dead.

Rasmussen Reports released their poll on Wednesday, which claimed 52% of American voters support Biden’s resignation. Only 39% believe he should stay in office, and 9% are unsure how Biden should proceed.

If Biden does not resign — and there is no identification he ever would — an even larger majority of likely U.S. voters in the poll (60%) agreed with a call from Sen. Lindsey Graham to impeach the president.

Rasmussen then asked if they agreed with Graham’s call for impeachment.

Just 37% said they disagree that Biden deserves to be impeached.

In other words, a majority of American voters believe that Biden should a.) resign on his own accord or b.) face an immediate impeachment over his failure to secure a safe and effective troop evacuation from Afghanistan.

However, the alternative of Vice President Kamala Harris becoming president from a Biden resignation or impeachment likely did not sit well with U.S. voters in the poll either.

Just 38% say Harris is qualified to assume the duties of being president. A large majority of voters (58%) view Harris as unqualified to be president, including a near majority on its own (47%) responding she is “Not At All Qualified,” according to the poll.

“Conversely, among voters who don’t think Biden should resign, 74% say Harris is at least somewhat qualified to become president.”

The party breakdown in the poll on those calling for Biden’s resignation:

  • 75% of Republicans.
  • 48% of third-party or independent voters.
  • 32% of Democrats.

The party breakdown in the poll on those “strongly” agreeing with Graham saying Biden deserves to be impeached:

  • 69% of Republicans.
  • 44% of third-party or independent voters.
  • 26% of Democrats.

The party breakdown in the poll on those who see VP Harris as at least somewhat qualified to be president:

  • Just 17% of Republicans.
  • 32% of third-party or independent voters.
  • 62% of Democrats.

Notably, women voters are less confident Harris is qualified to be president, and women (49%) are more likely than men (43%) to strongly agree with Graham’s statement saying Biden deserves to be impeached, according to the poll.

That just goes to show: the first woman Vice President is highly unpopular with her fellow women despite the endless pandering to them about her excellence.

The takeaway from this poll is more than simply Biden and Harris’ unpopularity. It shows a clear disturbance and concern with where the country is headed. So much so, most demand a radical change in leadership.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney