Biden Finally Admits The Truth About His Health Status

Joe Biden’s days are numbered, but he doesn’t quite seem aware of that glaring fact quite yet.

Or maybe he does, and he’s doing everything he can to stop it.

Nonetheless, conservative journalists with sources inside both Biden and Harris’ offices have reported the complete breakdown of unity within the White House. Biden staffers want to blame Harris staffers for the Afghanistan debacle and vice versa. No matter where you look there’s chaos.

And to top it off, Biden is barely conscious or capable of understanding the brutal consequences of the decisions he’s made.

On Sunday, Joe Biden gave a press conference in which President Joe Biden addressed Hurricane Henri and the Afghanistan pullout. He barely looked alive. His eyes were jet black and barely open. He appeared to wired, obviously under the influence of some stimulant used to keep him awake long enough to address the American people.

Never before has Biden been confronted with the true feelings of the American people. His lack of transparency with the media has shielded any questions about his mental decline. But now the subject has been laid before him, and he responded in typical Democrat fashion.

Giggles, laughter, snide, sneering cynicism.

As the reporter asked the question, Biden visibly became uncomfortable as he smiled and laughed when hearing the data relayed back to him.

“I haven’t seen that poll,” Biden responded.

Joe Biden will continue leading the country down a path of utter destruction without any interference from members of his own party — that is unless they unleash their plan to install Kamala Harris as POTUS.

Republican leaders must stand up to his incompetence and hold the Biden administration’s feet to the fire.

What is so hard to understand about that? Why won’t the Republicans play to win — for themselves and for the country they serve?

As it stands, the country is sinking under the current leadership. This clip proves of Biden proves that it’s not getting any better any time soon.

Author: Asa McCue