Biden Forced To Act On Hellish Border Crisis

The Biden administration has repeatedly insisted the sudden influx of minors at the border is not a crisis, but is now deploying the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to clean up the mess. 

If it isn’t a crisis, why call FEMA? 

As of last week, nearly 4,000 children are being kept in custody either cramped in warehouses or in tent facilities near the southern border. That is in addition to the nearly 9,000 children currently being kept in longer-term facilities run by Health and Human Services.  

In just the last two days, 700 migrant children have been captured at the border, adding to Biden’s ongoing crisis. 

Facilities for migrant children are stretched way beyond capacity despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The Biden administration stated it was looking into “every conceivable option to expand and provide proper lodging for migrant children.” 

In contrast, the Trump administration longer sought to prevent migrant children from reaching the southern border with common sense policies and strong relationships with bordering countries. Democrats, now largely silent, were hysterical about Trump’s use of the same facilities Biden is using today. 

However, the policy to house migrant children in these facilities started under Obama. During the 2020 presidential debates Trump famously asked Biden, “Who build the cages, Joe?” 

Trump and the Republicans are now speaking up about Biden’s policies, claiming he alone is making the border nightmare worse. 

During COVID, Trump made use of his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy to deter children from entering the United States during a pandemic. On the other hand, Joe has welcomed everyone in by locking them up in inhumane facilities just as America is trying to recover from the virus. 

Joe Biden has done away with Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. 

According to Health and Human Services, Joe Biden has put “more children in cages” than Trump ever has. 

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