Biden Forces ICE Into Full-Blown ‘Wokeness’

An anonymous ICE Enforcement official earlier this week leaked an email sent to the entire Customs department instructing officers to censor reports when listing certain details about border crossers. The email detailed ways in which Border Agents could be more “inclusive,” namely changing the way immigrants are referred to on official paperwork. Officials have been instructed to drop  “illegal” or “criminal” alien from reports.

The anonymous source believes these orders are designed to hide the full truth when illegal aliens are released instead of deported if they commit crimes in the U.S.

Here’s an excerpt from the email:

As information related to enforcement priority determinations may not be final at the time a case is processed and may further develop over time, please do not include this information in the I-213 narrative. When this information is included in the I-213 please be aware of the need to redact that information when it is filed with EOIR/Immigration Judges or turned over in FOIA requests.

The order to remove information from an arrest report has yet to be seen in American history. The arrest report is an official document that allows the officer to record details of an arrest and the capture of the arrestee. Any attempts to prevent an officer from recording all facts at the time of an arrest, plunge the officer in legal jeopardy if forced to testify why a decision why a decision reached.

As a hypothetical, an ICE officer arrests a person after he is released from jail from a similar crime, but does not meet the Biden Administration’s requirements for deportation. Rather than noting the release on his official arrest report, the incident goes by silently with no record. If the criminal re-offends, his prior arrest record will never show that the ICE officer was merely following Biden’s orders, but instead show a lack of judgement which resulted in numerous preventable crimes.

Author: Asa McCue