Biden Gives In To China’s Terrifying New Demands

It was reported that Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi, both high ranking Chinese officials, plan to press Secretary of State Antony Blinken to drop sanctions and other restrictions put in place by the Trump administration. China has a long list of measures they wish to see reversed, including sanctions against the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, lifting of visa restrictions on high-ranking Communist Party Members, state-media officials, and students. The Chinese also demand that Biden reopen their embassy in Houston.

Daniel Russel, a former Obama State Department official, told The Wall Street Journal that China believes that they have momentum on their side and they believe the West is now in decline.

The plan to hold a meeting in Alaska was initiated by the Biden administration. The report made no mention that Sec. Blinken seeks to hold China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic, which is responsible for the deaths of millions and immense economic damage worldwide. China withheld information about the origin of the virus and attempted to cover it up. 

Biden has never been tough on China and has always showed an ambivalence toward them throughout his career. Most national security experts believe China is by far the greatest threat America faces. Biden even penned an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “China’s Rise Isn’t Our Demise.”

The 46th President repeatedly claimed China was no threat to the U.S. on the campaign trail, even saying China could not “eat our lunch.” 

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