Biden Gives Unvetted Afghans Free Rein Of U.S. — Wonder Why?

It comes as no shock that Joe Biden and his administration full of global communists are hellbent on transforming the demographics of the United States in order to better suit their political narrative.

As liberals abandon the idea of God, a new religion is forming on the Left — one that worships every racial minority.

Leftists come close to claiming non-white illegal immigrants possess many magical powers that allows them to evade COVID infection, become excellent workers, stimulate economies, and add to the flourishing diversity of American cities.

This, of course, is categorically false and acts merely as a political tool so Democrats can import a new base of likely voters.

Nearly 40,000 Afghans have been resettled across American communities in the last four months by refugee contractors funded by the cognitively deficient president Joe Biden, the latest figures reveal.

According to figures published in the New York Times, the Biden administration has resettled about 38,000 Afghans across the United States since mid-August. Roughly 36,500 Afghans remain living on various U.S. military bases in Virginia, New Mexico, Texas, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Every week, the figures show, about 4,000 Afghans are being moved off U.S. military bases and resettled into American communities across 46 states as part of Biden’s massive resettlement operation.

Many Afghans are offered free housing, food stamps, job training as well as $2,300 checks.

Democrats aren’t even shying away from admitting their overall plan: to replace American workers with cheap foreign labor to further exploit them for political purposes. Liberal obsession with workers unions is case in point for the growing liberal need to import cheap overseas labor.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar suggested that the Afghan resettlement is necessary to provide businesses with an expanded labor pool to hire from even as they will compete against working and middle class Americans for jobs.

“This is not only the right thing to do — it will enrich our communities and strengthen our economy,” Klobuchar told the Times.

Biden’s resettlement operation is only possible thanks to funding from Congress that was approved by elected Republicans and Democrats.

Earlier this month, a group of Senate Republicans voted with Democrats to give Biden an additional $7 billion to fund the resettlement operation with no end date or numerical limit for when the U.S. will halt resettling Afghans.

The total amount that American taxpayers are now spending on the operation exceeds $13 billion.

Author: Asa McCue