Biden Goes All Hands On Deck For Child Murder

Americans stranded behind enemy lines and declining quality of life back home, yet Biden has vowed launch a “whole-of-government effort” to fight for the unrestricted killing of unborn babies.

His announcement comes after the Supreme Court decided against interfering with Texas law after state legislators passed a ‘heartbeat’ law, which outlaws abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

In his statement, Biden proposed using the Department of Health and Human Services and the Justice Department to challenge the Texas law and ensure women’s access to abortions.

The president criticized the Supreme Court for choosing not to rule immediately to block the Texas law, calling it “an unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional rights.”

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deny an emergency request for an injunction on enforcing the ban, as challenges to the new law make their way through the lower court system.

Biden said the Supreme Court’s decision “insults the rule of law” because the Texas law “unleashes unconstitutional chaos.”

Both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris excoriated the Texas abortion law this, pandering to women of color and other minority groups in the process.

“This law will dramatically reduce access to reproductive care for women in Texas, particularly for women with low incomes and women of color,” Harris wrote in a statement.

Meanwhile, Biden has not always been so friendly toward pro-abortion activists. Until a few months ago, Biden was against federal funding for abortion procedures. He consistently voiced his opposition to the Hyde Amendment, which allowed taxpayer money to fund abortion procedures at any point of the pregnancy. During his Vice Presidency and as a Senator, Joe Biden was hostile to the idea of unrestricted access to abortion.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney