Biden Imposes Vaccine Requirement For Millions Of Americans

The nightmare is becoming a reality.

Remember when Jen Psaki told the American people the Biden administration did not support a federal vaccine mandate? Well that is now out of the window…

On Thursday, Biden announced his plan to require every federal employee and on-site contractor to disclose their vaccination status. The cognitively-deficient president stated every employee of the federal government — over 6 million people — will be forced to either vaccine or receive weekly tests for the China Virus.

He also publicly supported recent efforts by Far-Left mayors to reward every person who receives a vaccine with $100 cash.

The new policy means federal workers who cannot “attest” that they are fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask regardless of their location, physically distance from their colleagues and visitors, comply with weekly or twice weekly testing requirements, and be subject to travel restrictions.

More than 4 million people are employed by the federal government, including upward of 2 million civilians.

Biden implored the Department of Defense and private sector on Thursday to take similar steps. Specifically, he asked the Pentagon to add the COVID-19 shot to its list of necessary jabs.

Biden also called on state, territory, and local governments to incentivize the vaccination in their respective jurisdictions with unused funds from the coronavirus spending package. Financial incentives, such as $100, have proved successful so far, according to the president.

And to elevate vaccination rates among children older than 12, Biden wants school districts nationwide to host at least one pop-up vaccination clinic over the coming weeks with supplies from the federal pharmacy program.

Biden started the ball rolling for mandated vaccines when he announced the requirement for Veterans Affairs medical employees.

This should be a major concern for every freedom-loving American who decides not to take medical advice from the federal government.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney