Biden In For a World Of Pain After Trump’s CPAC Speech

Former President Donald Trump is expected to show up to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in full force – ready to hammer Biden on a wide array of dangerous policy decisions.

Trump will reportedly slam Biden on everything from immigration to China when he addresses CPAC on Sunday, according to sources familiar with Trump’s speech.

Trump, however, is expected to fall just short of announcing a 2024 presidential bid. The sources said he will go between “warming up to the idea of a 2024 run, and walking right up to the line of announcing another campaign”.

The former president will be the headline speaker at the event in Orlando, Fla., which kicks off Thursday. Trump will speak on the final day of the conference, topping a slew of conservatives and Republicans from across the country.

It will be Trump’s first public appearance since leaving office and comes as Biden has taken a number of totalitarian-like actions to undo his predecessor’s policies.

Biden has perhaps moved fastest on immigration, where he has already taken a slew of measures to stamp out Trump-era policies. He has stopped the construction of the wall at the southern border, ended the travel bans and taken steps to loosen asylum policies such as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP.)

Republicans have warned of a brewing crisis at the border, fueled by a surge in migrants motivated by liberalizations on enforcement and asylum policy in the U.S.

Another source familiar with Trump’s speech said last week that Trump will also speak about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Axios reported this week that Trump will stoke primary challengers from some of those lawmakers who oppose him and give funding and endorsements to “the Trumpiest candidates.”

Trump has recently made a handful of statements, including about his impeachment trial and the death of Rush Limbaugh, but this will be his first major address since leaving office.

Trump’s influence on the conference is likely to be felt throughout the conference, however, as the conservative movement post-Trump begins to take shape.

But this appearance is not likely to be a one-off. Former President Donald Trump is “back in the political arena” according to his former political adviser, Sebastian Gorka.

He cited the establishment of Trump’s “Office of the 45th President,” his first political endorsement of Sarah Sanders for Arkansas governor, held interviews with media outlets about the passing of radio host Rush Limbaugh last week, along with his CPAC speech.

“Donald Trump is back and is the de facto conservative kingmaker,” he proclaimed, without elaborating on the former president’s next moves or whether he will run for office in 2024.

“None of the rising stars in the conservative movement” can generate the same interest as Trump, he argued.

According to a slew of recent polls, Republican voters view Trump quite favorably. Some polls have found that a significant number of GOP voters would be willing to join a Trump-backed political party if he breaks off from the Republican establishment.

Meanwhile, Republican members of Congress who voted to impeach, convict, or took other actions against Trump in recent weeks have been censured or condemned by local Republican Party groups.

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