Biden Just Made The Worst Mistake Of His So-Called Presidency

White House press secretary Jen Psaki can’t explain why the Biden administration is giving illegal immigrants hotel rooms while forcing U.S. National Guard soldiers to sleep in parking garages and on the floor of the Capitol building. 

Psaki never denied that the Biden administration awarded a liberal “non-profit” group with an $86 million-dollar contract to house illegal immigrants in hotel chains across Texas and Arizona. 

A Newsmax reporter pushed Psaki, asking her why Biden is shelling out for hotels, food, and medical treatment for illegal immigrants while U.S. soldiers are denied even a bed to sleep on while forced to defend the Capitol from enemies that never existed. 

Many National Guard troops were seen sleeping on the floor or in parking garages. While a small few did have hotel rooms, the disparity in treatment is alarming, and Psaki had no idea how to respond. 

Psaki defended Biden’s actions before quickly ushering the reporter away for a new question.

 Watch her full statement here:

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