Biden Maintains Support For Radical Nominee

Joe Biden is pushing for the most Far-Left administration in American history. 

The White House said it will continue to influence the Senate to nominate Neera Tanden, Biden’s radical nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

White House know-nothing Psaki continued to laud Tanden’s childhood as recipient of federal welfare, making her somehow more qualified than others to lead the Budget Office.  

Sens. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins voiced their concerns over the controversial pick for the Biden administration, severely limiting Tanden’s path toward confirmation

“Neera Tanden lacks the temperament and the experience to head such a crucial agency ,” Sen. Collins wrote. Noting, “Her past words and actions are the exact example of what President Biden has claimed he wishes to transcend.”

Tanden’s has a long history of staunch far-left activism and ardent Republican bashing which has earned her few allies in the Senate. Her attempt to apologize for past statements have fallen on deaf ears. She even publicly mocked Joe Biden in 2015 while on the campaign trail for her close friend, Hillary Clinton. 

Sen. Collins voiced significant concern over Tanden’s decision to delete thousands of tweets before receiving an official nomination from Joe Biden. 

On Friday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced he would also oppose Tanden.

“I she is overtly partisan. Her statements will have a detrimental and toxic impact on the relationship between the Office of Management and Budget and working members of Congress,” the Democrat said. 

Without the support of party moderates, it is unclear where Biden will drum up the required votes for his controversial nominee. 

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