Biden Makes Children The Next Target On His Agenda

It’s almost as if the rules don’t apply to the Biden administration.

Utilizing the coronavirus pandemic to its full extent, Biden and his cronies are currently on a war path to strip away basic civil liberties on a scale never before seen in American history.

Our ability to travel freely, associate with people of our choosing, and make medical decisions for ourselves and our children are quickly becoming heavily debated mainstream topics when, just two years ago, these rights were a given no questions asked.

Now Joe Biden is “checking” to see whether he has the power to overrule state governors and institute a national mask mandate for school-aged children.

Biden, fresh off of the decision to allow the CDC to reinstate an eviction moratorium, despite Supreme Court guidance indicating that the legislature, not the executive branch, should be responsible for such a measure, may be looking to take similar initiative with mask mandates.

A measure requiring universal masking in educational institutions would specifically target states like Texas and Florida, whose Republican governors — Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis — have outlawed universal masking mandates, giving parents the power to make decisions on masking, rather than local governments and school districts.

When asked if he had the “power” to overrule state governors on a child mask mandate, Joe Biden said, “I don’t believe that I do, thus far. We’re checking on that.”

The White House relied on legal advice from far-left Constitutional lawyer and Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe when addressing the CDC eviction moratorium. Although the Supreme Court was explicit in noting that Congress, and not a government agency, should set housing policy, the Biden administration was ultimately convinced that a CDC moratorium could sustain a legal challenge.

Biden himself has chosen to be at odds with DeSantis, chastizing the Florida governor for his approach to COVID-19 mitigation measures, telling DeSantis to “get out of the way” of stringent COVID-19-related mandates, including a recent CDC recommendation that all individuals in educational settings be masked.

DeSantis snapped back at the president, explaining that if Biden is “coming after the rights in Florida, I am standing in your way.”

Still, will all the power, all the force behind them, the Biden administration will stop at nothing to further their imposition into the private lives of Americans.

Author: Asa McCue