Biden Puts The Final Nail In America’s Energy Independence Coffin

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the very moment when ‘maybe’ the Biden administration would say “enough is enough,” that perhaps they can finally sense the American people have struggled enough, they do the exact opposite and threaten to make it even more miserable.

On day one of Biden’s presidency, he was ordered to destroy or reverse key Trump-era policies that enabled the United States to become 100% energy independent. We no longer relied on the “kindness” of foreign oil tycoons after Trump ensured that all U.S. gas consumed was made in the U.S.

This brought on thousands of solid, high-paying U.S. jobs that have since been destroyed after a series of Biden executive orders, most notably the shutting down of Keystone XL Pipeline.

Now the Biden administration is considering a move that would put the final nail in America’s ability to produce it’s own oil and be rid of the foreign oil tycoons who continue to toy with supply and demand.

Biden is allegedly looking into what the market consequences will be if it shuts down a Michigan oil pipeline.

Recent reports claim that the administration is weighing what to do with Line 5, which is part of a network that moves petroleum products, including crude oil, from Western Canada to Escanaba, Mich. Approximately 540,000 barrels of these products are transported per day.

Biden’s move on Line 5 has been sharply criticized by Republicans in Congress. More than a dozen lawmakers from the region sent a letter to Biden, warning the president that this move can result in gas prices spiking even further. Propane prices have already risen 50% in Michigan alone from last year.

There can only be one reason why the Biden administration would even consider such a devastating move that would drastically reduce the quality of live for most Americans, many of whom are struggling with the rising gas prices as it is.

Global corporations have sunk their teeth into Biden’s government, ordering him to transform the economy into a more international, European style which seeks to control many aspects of its citizens private lives — including the types of vehicles they drive.

Using the so-called climate change excuse to justify their actions, Biden can essentially force the American people to his will by shutting down every aspect of crude oil production making it impossible to afford a gallon of gas.

This must be stopped.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth