Biden Reacts To Taliban Takeover With Heartless Indifference

Corrupt? Yes. Cognitively deficient? Absolutely. Sociopath? It appears so!

The faults of Joe Biden are endless, but sociopath was not a diagnosis one would have necessarily labeled him with — until now.

The years of Mainstream Media praise heaped on Joe Biden, claiming he possessed a level of empathy not seen from a U.S. president since Obama, have proven to be completely and totally inaccurate.

An interview that aired on Wednesday proved just that.

The president this week casually dismissed questions regarding the horrific images coming out of the White House-created humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, including images of Afghans falling from the sky after clinging to planes evacuating Hamid Karzai International Airport.

George Stephanopoulos, a Fake News darling, pressed Biden on his thoughts of the harrowing images coming out of Afghanistan after the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops over the weekend.

Biden, the supposed champion of empathy, scoffed.

First, what difference does it make how many days ago the even occurred? The truth remains: because of Biden’s actions, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and brutalized those who disagree with their regime. Not to mention the events were two days ago, not four or five; of course Stephanapoulos refused to press Sleepy Joe on his inaccuracy.

Lastly, two, three, five days ago, a month ago — it doesn’t matter. Biden had not taken a single question regarding his horror show in Afghanistan at the time Stephanopoulos asked. Because Biden has been hiding from the press, this is still a relevant question.

“So, you don’t think this could be handled better in any way?” Stephanopoulos asked. “No mistakes?”

That’s funny. I seem to remember a certain president assuring everyone his withdrawal from Afghanistan would be “responsible, deliberate, and safe.”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth