Biden Remains Utterly Clueless About Collapsing Economy

Joe Biden highlighted another one of his signature contradictions this week when, after failing to bring back the predicted amount of jobs, denied that massive unemployment fraud could be the cause. Many small business have reported staffing crisis as those unemployed during the pandemic are still reaping the benefits of the weekly federal payout.

The press conference began with Biden making completely inaccurate claims about the current state of our economy. His Labor Department recently released a report revealing the current administration failed to meet job predictions by nearly 700,000.

The internet exploded when Biden published an infographic in an attempt to veil his failure in bringing post-pandemic job growth back to America.

“It’s totally ridiculous to pretend that jobs growth in the early months of a presidency has much to do with administration policies,”

Biden went on to deny that the generous federal unemployment funds are deincentivizing unemployed Americans to return to work. However, he made crystal clear that those who refuse to seek a job, which he falsely claimed was essentially non-existent, would not be getting their monthly checks from the federal government.

The cognitively-deficient president included his typical Trump-blaming remarks during his speech filled with stammers, gaffes, and misnomers. According to Biden, Former President Trump is to blame for the millions of jobs lost due to the ongoing global pandemic, saying, “The Trump administration bungled its response to the crisis and protect jobs.” 

However, Biden fails to realize, or purposefully so, that it was in fact the Former President who urged governors to reopen their economies and get people back to work. Some Republican governors, namely Gov. Abbot of Texas, Gov. DeSantis of Florida, and Gov. Noem of South Dakota headed Trump’s advice with great success — their states currently have the lowest unemployment numbers.


Author: Asa McCue