Biden Scraps Trump’s Order — And It Could End America

The Biden administration is considering revoking a Trump-era public health policy that ordered captured illegal immigrants to quickly return back to their home country. A group of House Republicans are warning of the “grave danger” this could cause the U.S. 

“You cannot differentiate the border crisis with the pandemic,” Rep. Jodey Arington said in a letter to Biden. An additional 26 Republicans signed the letter as well. 

“Repealing this order would harm Americans and immigrants alike, while pushing our resources to unsustainable levels.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Trump administrated issued ‘Title 42,’ public health restrictions that allowed for rapid deportation — often within minutes — of migrants at the border for public health reasons.

While reversing or destroying many of Trump’s immigration efforts, it is still unclear whether Biden will scrap Title 42.  Republican lawmakers have highlighted that repealing the order will seriously endanger healthcare workers, border officials, and law enforcement. 

“Repealing, or even weakening Title 42 would gravely put border patrol at risk, add additional strain to the health facilities in border towns, and incentivize more illegal immigration at a time when we must prioritize healthcare needs for Americans first,” the letter states.

The letter urged Biden to “seriously consider the grave risk of allowing untested and undocumented migrants from entering into the country.”

“Repealing Title 42 would be reprehensible given the work the Trump administration, and now your administration, is doing to increase testing, distribute the vaccine, and ramp up health resources for the American people,” they continued. 

Earlier in the week Republicans sent Biden another letter warning that his guarantee to 11 million illegal immigrants for a pathway to citizenship would gravely endanger the U.S. 

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