Biden Tells The Biggest Lie Of His Presidency, But No One Is Buying It

He’s lying straight to the American people — but no one is believing it.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Trump’s alma mater, issued a study this week debunked Biden’s false claims that his “Build Back Better” spending initiative will cost zero dollars.

As a matter of fact the net cost of the legislation will plague taxpayers with an extra $2.42 trillion in debt, according to the report.

If Biden’s bill is signed into law, it would increase new spending by $3.98 trillion and American taxpayers would incur $1.56 trillion in new taxes.

Within a ten-year window, the package is expected to cost the taxpayers $1.87 trillion with an additional $1.56 trillion in taxes levied on American workers and families.

The estimate of Biden’s package is likely to turn the heads of lawmakers, some of whom are pushing for the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to score the legislation before a vote is held on the measure this week.

“Moderate” Democrats are particularly interested in the scoring of the legislation. Members of Blue Dog Coalition have requested a hold on the passage of the legislation “until we have had a chance to review these scores which provide the true cost of the legislation.”

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), who is facing a tough reelection race in 2022, has many concerns, along with Senate Democrats who have stalled the success of Biden’s bill.

Despite the Wharton study, the White House has claimed multiple times the legislation will cost nothing.

On September 24, Biden claimed his package would cost zero dollars. “We talk about price tags. It is zero price tag on the debt. We’re paying — we’re going to pay for everything we spend,” Biden said.

In October, a reporter finally questioned the White House about Biden’s claim.

”Does the president still believe that Build Back Better will not add a dime to the national debt?” the reporter asked Psaki in a briefing.

What a total farce.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney