Biden Tells Trudeau: ‘Send In The Tanks’ To Stop Freedom Convoy

Not only have Canadian police officers and Big Tech giants conspired against the ‘Freedom Convoy’ but the U.S. president has reportedly begun advising Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use federal forces to bring the protests to a violent end.

The Biden administration reportedly urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use federal powers to quell the truck blockade that has halted the flow of auto parts on the Ambassador Bridge.

[source: Breitbart]

For the past four days, the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” protests have blocked traffic on the main thoroughfare connecting Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit, forcing auto plants in both countries to either shut down or slow production due to the delay in part deliveries.

“A federal government official said they are not ruling out any options,” AP reported.

The bridge carries 25% of all trade between the United States and Canada; effects of the blockades were immediately felt by automakers and mid-west economies.

While that is unfortunate, all it takes to improve economic conditions vis a vis blockaded bridges is to end vaccine mandates. It’s that simple.

Both Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Teamsters union have denounced the blockades.

“It’s hitting paychecks and production lines. That is unacceptable,” said Whitmer.

Exactly the type of federal powers that Justin Trudeau could employ to stop the blockade was not detailed, though the prime minister has said the military remains off the table for the time being. Local tow truck companies have refused to cooperate with authorities.

Matt Mouroun, chairman of the Detroit International Bridge Company, the owner of the Ambassador Bridge, said the blockade “cannot continue any longer” and even suggested ending the mandate to appease protestors.

Mouroun hoped that once the conflict came to an end, the United States and Canada can work out an agreement so that the trade thoroughfare does not fall subject to politics again.

Trudeau has remained firm in his commitment to continuing the vaccine mandates and coronavirus protocols as several provincial premiers have decided to scale back restrictions.

Meanwhile, conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford has moved to cut off funding for the protests through the site GiveSendGo after the crowdfunding site GoFundMe shut down the original account that raised $7.8 million. In response, GiveSendGo tweeted on Thursday:

In the battle of Good vs. Evil — which side are you on?

Author: Nolan Sheridan