Biden Tries To Stop Election Audit, Trump Has Surprise For Him

Former President Trump put out a comment on Tuesday calling out Biden’s travel to Pennsylvania to stop a possible audit of the 2020 election.

“Biden is traveling to Pennsylvania in a hurry to prevent the Forensic Audit that the Pennsylvania GOP Senate is doing. Philadelphia was a cesspit of corruption, which will soon be found out by the audit,” Trump said in the comment.

“Why are they so worried that a President, who never travels anywhere, would get onto Air Force One and go to Philadelphia if it were a genuine election? Why not allow the audit to happen and make everyone, on both sides, happy? The results are what they are,” he added.

The former president also questioned the election results in his comment.

“But they understand it was not an honest thing, the election, Philadelphia was among the most corrupt cities in the nation — and so is Detroit, and Milwaukee, and Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Oakland, and Baltimore,” he said.
“Corruption has happened for years, but in the 2020 Scam Election, with the mail-in ballots and using Covid-19 to cheat, corruption went to new levels.”

Trump also mentioned the election fraud that Americans have known about since the November election.

“Remember the poll watchers being tossed out, the windows getting sealed so no one could see in, the ballot dumps, and the other events that happened that changed everything on election night,” he said.

Trump continued, “Joe should say continue with this, with the audits. His visit is a complete joke. All he needs to do is allow them to do an audit and discover what really happened. Who knows, maybe they will say the election was done right, but many folks would be shocked by that.”

The former president also mentioned the Maricopa County audit happening in Arizona.

“Let the audit continue like in Arizona, even with 107 liberal lawyers trying to prevent it,” he said.

Trump ended by saying, “Let the Audit go on, Joe. Don’t stop it. Show them the election was honest.”

The comment came after his speech this weekend at the CPAC in Dallas.

In a poll of 1,000 people at the event, 95 percent of them reported they wanted the Republicans to embrace Trump’s agenda going forward.

The poll reported an approval rating of 97 percent for Trump.

Author: Steven Sinclaire