Biden Vows To Eliminate Free Speech In America — Here’s How He’ll Do It

The struggle of American parents to stop school boards from sanctioning anti-white discrimination and brainwashing and imposing profoundly dumb covid-19 measures, like masking elementary kids, has caused school board meetings to become a battleground in the ongoing culture war. School board members do not accept getting challenged or kept accountable by the people who elected them, and so they are claiming victimhood.

Yesterday, we published a letter written by the president of the National School Boards Association…demanding that President Biden use the full power of the federal government to prevent parents from speaking up.

This letter even had a request that the Patriot Act be used against parents to keep school boards members “safe” from getting offended.

Even though White House media official Jen Psaki has brushed the letter aside, it was evident that Biden would eventually step in to rescue the liberal teachers because he required their support. That help showed up today.

Citing an uptick in “harassment and threats of violence” against teachers and school board members, today A.G. Merrick B. Garland ordered the FBI to meet over the next 30 days with state, federal and local police leaders to talk about strategies for dealing with this disturbing trend. These sessions will open dedicated communication lines for threat assessment and response by police.

“Threats against public servants are not just illegal, they run against our country’s core values,” said AG. Garland. “Those who dedicate their energy and time to helping our children get a proper education in a safe place deserve to do their work without fear for their own safety.”

According to the memorandum, the Justice Dept. will create a series of new efforts in the incoming days designed to deal with the rise in criminal conduct targeted at school personnel. Those efforts are expected to have a task force, consisting of people from the department’s Criminal Division, Civil Rights Division, National Security Division and the FBI to decide how federal enforcement can be used to punish these “crimes,” and how to assist state and local police where “threats of violence” might not be federal crimes.

What is missing from all of this is any sign of real threats against teachers or school board members despite a ton of public anger.

Author: Scott Dowdy