Biden Working On “Secret” Weapon To Use Against Trump

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The campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, in its effort to edge out President Trump for the 2020 presidency has been working on a “secret” weapon to levy against Trump. The real question is, should the president be concerned?

The plan of the Biden campaign has been to secretly amass a group of “Never Trump” republicans in order to try and convince on the fence Trump voters to defect over to the Democrats side and vote instead for sleepy Joe Biden.

Biden hinted about the group’s creation late last month when he suggested that his campaign was “speaking to a lot of Republicans,“ and continued by saying, “matter of fact, there’s some major Republicans who are already forming ‘Republicans for Biden…Major officeholders.”

According to The Daily Beast who initially broke the story, organizational efforts for a “Republicans for Biden” campaign are only in their initial stages, though “preliminary talks about messaging, engagement, leadership, and roll out are starting to be broadly sketched out, according to sources directly familiar with the matter.”

“It is literally just forming,” one source told the outlet. “I’ve had several conversations with people who have approached me. It’s going to take off, it’s going to happen. The question is to what degree and form it does.”

The Daily Beast also said that the frequency and seriousness of the talks are increasing, however, as the Democrats have now pulled all of their resources into trying to build Biden into somewhat of a formidable opponent for Trump in November.

According to the Daily Beast’s source , the campaigns effort will be secretive until its ready for prime time: “You don’t want something like this out on the street before it needs to be. It just makes it much harder to do.”

Democrats main focus for the time being is ensuring that there is a “Democrats for Biden” base to build off of as a trove of scandals paired with a general ineptitude have made it hard for anyone at all to want to support Biden.

“They have been cautious about going ahead with anything official ‘Republicans for Biden,’ [partly because] they want to make sure the Democrats are all okay first,” the source said.

So far, at least 25% of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ are not on board, and that could prove deadly to the Biden campaign, which is still running ahead of Trump, but by only a razor-thin margin nationally.

These so-called Republicans who would comprise such a group have been working for quite some time to take down Trump to no avail.

Efforts to derail the president’s 2016 campaign took root well before he was the declared Republican presidential nominee, but have proven historically to be ineffective.

Trump managed to secure the Republican presidential nomination in early March, with nearly 98% of the total primary vote in spite of those efforts to stop him.

Trump has also been extremely successful in organically converting Democrats over to support him as they have seen him deliver real results, meaning that the President continues to amass more supporters as the Biden campaign crafts desperate plots to try and keep up.

In short – Biden remains a less than worthy adversary for Trump in the upcoming election, and the Democrats will have to do better than that if they wish to pose a serious threat.

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