Biden’s ‘100 Day’ Approval Rating Has Democrats Squirming

Joe Biden joins the ranks of Former Presidents Gerald Ford and Donald Trump as having the lowest approval rating of any modern-day president after the first 100 days.

Biden approached his 100-day benchmark 52 percent approval, surpassing only Former President Trump and Ford. As we all remember, Trump’s first term began with a liberal outcry not yet seen in American history and remained controversial until the very end.

Only 34 percent strongly approved of Biden’s performance as president.

Meanwhile, 18% somewhat approved of his performance, netting Biden a 52 percent rating. Conversely, far more people strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance as president. With a new disapproval rating of 42 percent, many Americans are sending a clear message of their distaste for the sitting president.

The WaPo-ABC poll has been tracking presidents’ approval ratings since the beginning of the Reagan administration. Other reputable polling, such as Gallup, shows every other president except Ford with a higher approval rating than Biden at the 100 day mark. Even Carter, a highly-unpopular one-term president, was at 63 percent. Nixon, another controversial figure and the only president in America’s history to resign, was at 61 percent at this stage in his presidency.

The American media has ignored the overwhelming trepidation the American public feels about the Biden administration. A recent media research study shows Biden and his administration receive over 59 percent positive press coverage during the first 100 days. Comparatively, Former President Trump received an 89 percent negative press coverage during the beginning of his presidency.

Author: Nolan Sheridan